According to the Glass Professionals Premier Auto Glass

Yes, your windshield is an integral, built-in part of your vehicle’s safety system. In the event of a crash, your vehicle’s airbags deploy out of the dashboard and against the windshield with significant force.

This fact requires the vehicle’s windshield to be properly, securely and professionally installed. We use a 3-step installation process using Essex brand sealants manufactured by Dow Chemical.

Any variation or shortcut to the industry best practices can result in an improperly installed and insecurely installed windshield or back glass.

Weather permitting; we can come to your home or office in most instances. Or feel free to visit us here in Waukesha and have a cup of coffee or soda while you wait for your repair. Most replacements take around 1 to 1 1/2 hours, while chip repair usually takes about 1/2 an hour.

Please call or e-mail for more specific answers to any mobile or in-shop services you may have.

Yes, we warranty our work against any workmanship issues as long as you own your vehicle.

Structural defects in new replacement glass are also covered. However, if your glass was to get damaged due to another person and/or object that would not fall under the warranty coverage.

All stone chips vary in size and location as well as impact so there is no precise way to tell over the phone whether or not a chip is repairable.

Take a look at our “windshield repairs” section for more information regarding what type of chips would fall under repairable or non-repairable or feel free to stop in so we can take a look.


Pricing ranges from anywhere between roughly $260 and up depending on your vehicle and what you are looking for.

We offer both aftermarket and OEM glass for 90% of the vehicles we service.