Rear Windshield & Lift Gate Repair & Replacement

Many people refer to a rear window as a rear windshield, back glass, tailgate, hatch, etc. It is extremely frustrating and a big inconvenience when your back glass becomes shattered. Your car is then to the point where you may not want to or be able to drive it in order to avoid bad weather, road debris, etc.

Not all back glass replacements are due to the glass shattering but can also be done because maybe you are experiencing a leak, your heating elements could not be working properly, or maybe you are just tired of that dark privacy tint. There are tons of reasons an individual may be interested in replacing their glass.

Backglass damage can cause other issues regarding the rear wiper motor, wiring, etc., so it is best that we always take a look at what you have going on before jumping into a replacement.

Just like with door glasses our technicians clean up any broken glass that is in your trunk area or within a reachable distance prior to the return of your vehicle.

A careful and proper back glass replacement on average takes between an hour to an hour and a half. This gives our technicians time to ensure that everything is completed to industry standard.